Visual Update 1 for IBM Connections

Preview of Visual Update 1 for IBM Connections is available!

The IBM Collaboration Solution's Design team is crafting a new, modern, design language for IBM Connections in an effort to ensure that our solutions match the way we think, augment our performance, and grant us the confidence we need to get our jobs done.

We are opening up a preview of the new design, within IBM Connections. The new design creates a modern, airy, and less cluttered appearance by updating many items on a page, such as lists, forms, buttons, and icons. This preview applies to the following applications and pages:



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We are making the Preview available as an app in the Connections App Catalog and as a set of example files to be used with Connections Customizer.

In the Connections App Catalog

The Connections design team has created an app, in the App Catalog, that leverages Connections Customizer to apply the new design as a configurable application to IBM Connections. The Customizer technology allows the new visual design to be layered on top of Connections, thus “overriding” the visual design prior to displaying it on the screen.

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As a Connections Customizer Example

The Connections design team is using Customizer to override the visual design of existing Connections applications. They are doing this by tracking down existing classes and ids and assigning new visual styles to them.

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IBM Plex Typeface
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