Visual Update 1 for IBM Connections

Visual Update 1 for IBM Connections is available!


The IBM Collaboration Solution's Design team has created a new, modern, visual design language for IBM Connections. The new Connections visual design creates a modern, airy, and less cluttered appearance by updating many items on a page, such as lists, forms, buttons, and icons.

This application uses Connections Customizer to apply the new design language to IBM Connections. The Customizer technology allows the new visual design to be layered on top of Connections, thus overriding the visual design prior to displaying it on the screen.

Figure 1: Profiles


Part 1: An Introduction to Visual Update 1

Part 2: Visual Update 1 Side-by-Side Look

What's new and updates

We periodically release updates to fix defects and add styling to more applications and pages.

What's new and update history

Options for using Visual Update 1

Visual Update 1 delivers an improved visual design but it also serves as a basis for you to make your own visual updates, such as change to use your company colors. Follow the link that best fits what you want to do.

Additional Resources

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